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Modern Slavery



  1.        Introduction

The UK Modern Slavery Act requires large companies (over £36 million UK turnover) to set out the steps they have taken to ensure that modern slavery and human trafficking does not take place in its business or supply chain. “Modern Slavery” is a terms used to encompass slavery, forced labour, servitude and child labour. CF has a zero tolerance approach to Modern Slavery in our organisation and in our supply chain.

  1.        CF’s Business and Supply chains

CF is a leading supplier of fertiliser, chemicals and utilities in the UK.  CF’s annual turnover is in excess of the £36 million threshold of the Modern Slavery Act.  CF has a diverse supply chain of over 1,000 suppliers covering a wide range of sectoral areas such as utilities, industrial gases, chemicals, packaging, catalysts, equipment and services. The majority of CFF’s products and services are purchased in the UK and Europe.


  1.        CF’s Policies

CF recognises the importance of putting ethical business conduct at the heart of everything we do. CF has a number of relevant policies, including (a) CF’s Code of Corporate Conduct, which outlines our commitment to honesty, integrity, mutual respect and diversity; (b) CF’s Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy, which is incorporated into CF’s Code of Corporate Conduct; (c) CF’s Whistleblowing Policies, which encourage staff to report any wrongdoing which includes human rights violations such as Modern Slavery. CF’s initiatives around Modern Slavery will sit alongside these policies.  

  1.        Due diligence

CF recognises the importance of conducting due diligence on its supply chain. 

For new suppliers, CF requires completion of a detailed questionnaire. This questionnaire includes a number of questions specifically related to a new supplier’s practices on Forced Labour, Child Labour, Working Conditions and Freedom of Association, all of which are categories of Modern Slavery.    

For existing suppliers, CF has conducted a risk assessment focussing on its largest 100 suppliers. CF classified these suppliers into Low-Medium-High risk, using a combination of factors (geographical location, structure of industry, levels of regulation, etc.). CF contacted all Medium-High risk suppliers, asking them to confirm their approach towards modern slavery, the steps they have taken to ensure there is no modern slavery in their supply chain, and whether they have a published compliance statement. The responses we have received meet our required standards and the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act.


  1.        Training

CF provides training to all employees on CF’s Code of Corporate Conduct. In addition, CF provides  training to relevant staff on Modern Slavery within our business and supply chains. All staff are requested to report any suspected cases of Modern Slavery, either in CF’s business or supply chains, to CF’s Legal and Compliance officers. 

  1.        Corporate statement

The Board of CF approve this statement which will be reviewed and updated annually.